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Botanical Name - Ochroma Pyramidale  Common Name - Balsa wood tree Native - Brazil , Bolivia and Mexico Ochroma Pyramidale  commonly known as Balsa wood tree is a large tree which can reach a height of almost 100 feet. Ochroma Pyramidale is mainly known for its highly useful wood which..
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Botanical Name - Olea EuropaeaCommon Name - Olive tree seeds, Olive seedsNative - Indian subcontinentOlea europaea commonly known as Olive tree is a a popular ornamental tree and has a variety of other uses as well.The olive tree prefers dry to moist soil. The tree is famous for its..
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Botanical Name - Oroxylum Indicum Common Name - Midnight horror , Indian trumpet flower,  Bhoot vriksha Native - Indian subcontinent Oroxylum Indicum commonly known as Indian trumpet flower is a medium sized tree of about 60 feet native to the Indian subcontinent The tree is a popular ornam..
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