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Seeds A category contains all the seed varieties who have their botanical names starting from the first letter of the alphabet that is A like acacia mangium, acacia arabica .

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Atractylodes Macrocephala commonly known as bai zhu seeds is a perennial that grows just about half a meter.It flowers in the months of July to August and its seeds ripe from August till September. The flowers of bai zhu are hermaphrodites that is they have both male and female organs.The plant can ..
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Abrus precatorius ( black seeds ) also known as rosary pea, crabs eye, coral bead plant, jequirity pea, bead vine is a tree which can grow up to a height of 30 feet, has white, lavender or pale pink flowers and is native to Hawaii as introduced and is generally native to Australia, Asia and par..
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Abrus precatorius red seeds also most commonly known as jequirity, precatory bean or pea, crab eye, Indian licorice, jumbie beed, akar saga and gidee gidee is a perennial climber by nature, slender in shape and twines around other trees. Abrus precatorius is a legume and has long pinnate leafleted ..
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Abrus precatorius is a perennial climber, slender in shape and it twines around trees, hedges, shrubs. It is not attached with any organs. The bark of abrus is brown in color and the stem is wrinkled in appearance. The leaves of abrus are glabrous, havee long internodes, also act as alternate comp..
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Acacia mangium is a tree which can grow up to a height of 25 to 35 meters, it is single stemmed shrub or tree evergreen in nature. The young trees of acacia mangium have greenish smooth bark and fissures in them start to grow in the second or third year onward. As the tree grows old or matures the..
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Acacia tortilis popularly called Umbrella thorn is one of the most known acacia. Tortilis is well known for its amazing classical canopy which spreads and adorns the savanna in Africa. It can survive very hard drought conditions and medium frost conditions. It can either grow up to be a small tree..
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Buy Acer Elegantulum -  100 Seeds
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Acer Elegantulum belonging to the elegantulum species is a very rare deciduous shrub or a tree.It has a bright green in color bark and the deeply lobbed leaves are reddish to green in appearance.There hardiness is as follows - Cold - 5Warm - 8The shrub can attain a height of up to 6 meters and ..
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Adansonia Digitata popularly known as the upside down tree, monkey bread tree, cream of tartar tree, lemonade tree can attain a height of upto 25 meters but the main stem of the baobab tree can reach a girth of up to 28 meters. The massive cylindrical trunk resemble the root system the very reason ..
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Aleurites Moluccana popularly known as candlenut is an evergreen tree which can attain a height of up to 20 meters.Its origins are traced to the Indo-Malaysian region but it is now well spread across the tropical regions.It is naturalized in India and is found in abundance in parts of South India an..
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Buy Angelica Dahurica ( Dang Gui ) - 500 Seeds
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Angelica dahurica can attain a height of up to 6 feet and is known for its multiple health benefits and can be taken in the form of tea.The plant produces many beautiful small yellow green flowers and it is a very popular decorative plant.The flowers of the plant are hermaphroditic ie they cont..
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Aristolochia Elegans popularly known as calico flower is vine native to South America. It is a very tender evergreen and has very unusual appearing flowers. The leaves give a beautiful look as they look green and in shape of a heart.The stems which are slender and woody can attain a height of u..
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Artemisia annua popularly known as qing- hao and sweet annie has its origins traced to China.It grows in the wild, in waste places and near the edges of human civilizations.Artemisia Annua thrives in fully sunny condition with a bit of moisture and can survive or tolerate many types of different soi..
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