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Buy Acacia Mangium Seeds - 50 seeds , Shipping All Over India

Buy Acacia Mangium Seeds - 50 seeds , Shipping  All Over India
Buy Acacia Mangium Seeds - 50 seeds , Shipping All Over India

Acacia mangium is a tree which can grow up to a height of 25 to 35 meters, it is single stemmed shrub or tree evergreen in nature.

The young trees of acacia mangium have greenish smooth bark and fissures in them start to grow in the second or third year onward.

As the tree grows old or matures the bark becomes rough, fissured at the base and near areas and becomes quite hard with a color ranging from dark brown to grayish brown while inner bark is pale brown.

The bole in older trees does not have a branch up to 15 meters and is fluted up to 90 cm in diameter wich triangular acute branchlets.

An extra floral nectary gland is present at the base of the phyllode.

The pods which are about to ripe change color from green to brown and are stiff and dry.

The seeds of acacia mangium are shiny black with a shape which can be described as elliptical, longitudinal, ovate- oblong.

It was originally mentioned in Herbarium Amboinense in 1750 as Mangium montanum rumph but its name was later change to acacia in the year 1806.

The name was given as it resembled mangge ( mangroves in Indonesia ).

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