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Buy Azanza Lampas ( Ban Kapas ) - 100 Seeds

Buy Azanza Lampas ( Ban Kapas ) - 100 Seeds
Buy Azanza Lampas ( Ban Kapas ) - 100 Seeds

Botanical Name - Azanza Lampas , Hibiscus Lampas, Ban Kapas
Common Names - Common Mallow
Type - Shrub
Origin - East Africa , South East Asia, Australia
Azanza Lampas commonly known as ban kapas is a shrub which is erect and slightly branched with a height of around two to three meters.
The leaves which are 10 to 20 centimeters long are ovate in shape, 3 loped, green in color, almost smooth on upper surface and slightly hair underneath.
Flowers of azanza lampas are large and are borne in 3's  on the apex of the branches and at the axil of the leaves.
The bast of the plant is used to make a weak rope.

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