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Seeds B category contains all the seed varieties who have their botanical names starting from B like Boswellia Serrata Seeds

Model: bc5g
Botanical Name - Belamcanda ChinensissCommon Name- Leopard Lilly , Leopard flower , blackberry lilyNative - ChinaFamily - IridaceaeBelamcanda chinensis commonly known as leopard lily, leopard flower or blackberry lily is a small ornamental which can grow up to  a height of 60 to 90 centimeters...
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Model: bb12
Botanical Name - Berberis amurensisFamily - Berberidaceae (Barberry Family)Type - Deciduous ShrubNative -Korea and Manchuria Berberis amurensis is a shrub of family Berberidaceae which can grow up to a height of ten to eleven feet.It has many multiple medicinal uses mainly in enteric infections..
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Bidens Pilosa ( Soldier Vegetable ) - 100 Seeds For Sale
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Model: bp75
Botanical Name - Bidens PilosaCommon Name - Cobbler's pegs, solider vegetable , Spanish needle , shepherds needle , common begger tickFamily - AsteraceaeBidens pilosa commonly known as cobbler's pegs belongs to the family Asteraceae.It is mainly native to the Americas but now is widely known as an i..
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Bischofia Trifoliata ( Toog Tree ) - 50 Seeds
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Model: tt56
Botanical Name - Bischofia trifoliataCommon Name - Toog tree , java cedar tree, bishop wood Native Place - IndiaType - Evergreen , timber , medicinalHeight - Upto 50 metersBischofia trifoliata commonly known as toog tree is an evergreen tree which can attain a height of up to 50 meters and a gi..
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Model: bo40
Botanical Name - Bixa OrellanaCommon Name - Lipstick tree , latkan , rocou , aploppas , annatto , arnotta , bijaHeight - Around 2.5 to 7.5 metersType - Greenhouse perennial , half hardy treeFamily - BixaceaeBixa orellana commonly known as the lipstick tree is both a tropical and a sub tropical shrub..
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Model: bs43
Botanical Name - Bolusanthus SpeciosusCommon Name - African Wisteria TreeType - Deciduous tree Height - Up to 6 metersNative Place - South and East AfricaBolusanthus speciosus commonly known as African wisteria tree from the Fabaceae family. It is a beautiful looking and highly reliable tr..
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Model: bc76
Botanical Name - Bombax CeibaCommon Name - Red Silk Cotton Tree , Salmalia malabaricaFamily - MalvaceaeType - Tropical treeBombax ceiba commonly known as red silk cotton tree or kapok tree is a tropical which can attain a height of up to 60 meters in its old age.The tree has trunk which is tall and ..
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Model: bc70
Botanical Name - Brugmansia CandidaCommon Name - Angel TrumpetFamily - SolanaceaeType - ShrubNative -  Ecuador and PeruBrugmansia candida commonly known as angel trumpet is a small to medium size shrub which can attain a height of up to 10 to 15 feet.Belonging to the family Solanaceae , it is w..
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Model: bo43
Botanical Name - Brugmansia OrangeCommon Name - orange trumpet , angel trumpetType - ShrubBloom Color - OrangeBrugmansia orange sunshine also known as orange trumpet is a small or medium sized shrub which is found mainly in Alabama and Texas.It is small to medium sized shrub which gains a maximum he..
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Model: bs87
Botanical Name - Brugmansia SuaveolensCommon Name - Brazil's  White Angel TrumpetFamily - SolanaceaeType - ShrubNative -  BrazilzBrugmansia suaveolens  commonly known as Brazil's  white angel trumpet is a small to medium size shrub which can attain a height of up to 10 to 15 feet..
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Buddleja Saligna ( False Olive  ) - 25 Seeds For Sale
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Model: bs5
Botanical Name - Buddleja SalignaCommon Name - False Olive Tree Type - Shrub , EvergreenNative - South AfricaBuddleja saligna commonly known as false olive is a small sized tree which can attain a height of maximum 10 meters in warm moist areas and just about 5 meters in High veld's .The tree o..
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Model: bs51
Botanical Name - Buddleja SalviifoliaCommon Name - South African Sage woodType - Shrub , EvergreenNative - South AfricaBuddleja salviifolia makes a quick hedge if pruned. Useful as a background plant. An excellent pioneer for new gardens as slower plants or trees can utilize the temporary protection..
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