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Seeds D

Seeds D category contains all the seed varieties who have their botanical names starting from D like datura metel , dovyalis caffra , digitalis lanata.

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Botanical Name - Delonix RegiaCommon Name - Gulmohar , mayarum , shima , sankesulaFlowering Season - April , May , JuneNative - MadagasgarDelonix regia commonly known as gulmohar in India is native to Madagasgar and is a very popular flowering plant all over the world.It is a quick growing tree and ..
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Botanical Name - Desmodium Gyrans  Common Name - Dancing plant, Native - Asia Desmodium Gyrans also called Codariocalyx motorius is a plant native to Asia and known for its rapid movement. It is also known as telegraph plant and is a perennial belonging to the Fabaceae family. A mature Cod..
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