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Seeds E

Seeds E category contains all the seed varieties who have their botanical names starting from E  like eucalyptus citriodora , erythirina indica , empetrum nigrum

Model: AOSFS1
Botanical Name - Elaeagnus UmbellataCommon Name - Japanese silverberry , Autumn OliveNative - East AsiaElaeagnus Umbellata commonly known as autumn olive is as medium size shrub  which can grow up to a maximum height of around 11 feet.It has sharp thorns present in it in the form of spur branch..
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Model: ASFS4
Botanical Name- Emblica OfficinalisCommon Name - Amla, Indian gooseberrySpecies - P. emblicaEmblica Officinalis commonly known as amla or Indian gooseberry is one of the most valuable trees around with multiple medicinal properties.For International Orders:If you would like to Order the Seeds outsid..
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Model: ed
Eucalyptus Deglupta popularly known as rainbow eucalyptus is a very large forest tree which can attain a staggering height of up to 225 feet but can be kept to a lower height also if desired.It is hardy for up to 26 to 28 f but only for a limited period, cannot stand long periods of frost.Generally ..
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