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Acacia catechu also as cutch tree is a tree moderate in size, deciduous in nature and can grow up to a height of maximum 15 meters and can sometimes have a light feathery crown. Cutch tree is commonly found in India in the mixed forests but as a small tree with a height of only up to 3 meters. The..
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Acacia Senegal is a small tree which can grow anywhere between the height of 15 to 30 feet. It is the same tree from which gum arabic of commerce is extracted.Gum arabic is sourced from the branches and trunk of acacia senegal tree and it is for medicinal purposes as well as a food additive. It can ..
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Anacardium Occidentale most commonly known as Cashew Nut fruit seed is grown for its edible cashew nut and pear shaped edible fruits. It can thrive in difficult growing conditions and can grow in most types of soils. Anacardium Occidentale fresh seeds have toxic oil in them and can cause rashes in..
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Botanical Name - Barringtonia AcutangulaCommon Name- Sea Fruit , samudraphala , Indian oak , freshwater mangroveType - Shrub Flowering Season : April, May, JuneBarringtonia acutangula commonly known as samudraphala or nurse's fruit is a shrub which can attain a height of up to five to eight met..
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Botanical Name - Bixa OrellanaCommon Name - Lipstick tree , latkan , rocou , aploppas , annatto , arnotta , bijaHeight - Around 2.5 to 7.5 metersType - Greenhouse perennial , half hardy treeFamily - BixaceaeBixa orellana commonly known as the lipstick tree is both a tropical and a sub tropical shrub..
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Botanical Name - Bulbine natalensisCommon Name -testosterone booster plantNative- South AfricaBulbine natalensis commonly known as testosterone booster plant is native to South Africa.It is a soft leaved succulent and resembles an aloe plant and belong to the family Asphodelaceae.Bulbine is a popula..
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Botanical Name - Nigella Sativa Common Name - black cumin, nigella, and kalonji Native - South West and South Asia Nigella Sativa commonly known as kalonji is an annual flowering plant native to the Asian continent. Its seeds have a popular culinary use in Indian foods and Middle Eastern delicac..
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Buy Olive Tree Seeds , Common Olive - 25 Seeds , Shipping  All Over India
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Botanical Name - Olea EuropaeaCommon Name - Olive tree seeds, Olive seedsNative - Indian subcontinentOlea europaea commonly known as Olive tree is a a popular ornamental tree and has a variety of other uses as well.The olive tree prefers dry to moist soil. The tree is famous for its..
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Botanical Name - Pistacia vera Common Name - Pistachio, Pistachio Nut Native - Syria , Iran , Pakistan, Greece, Turkey Pistacia vera commonly known as pistachio is a small tree native to Greece, Turkey, Pakistan, Syria and Iran. The tree of Pistacia vera produces a very popular and important cul..
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Camellia Sinensis Seeds For Sale, Tea Seeds For Sale In India - 50 Seeds
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Botanical Name - Camellia SinensisCommon Name - Tea Plant , Tea Seeds Tea Shrub , Tea treeNative -  East Asia, the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast AsiaFamily - TheaceaeCamellia sinensis commonly known as tea plant is the source from which we get our delightful tea from.The young light green ..
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Botanical Name - Cynara Scolymus Common Name - Artichoke Seeds, Globe artichoke SeedsNative- Southern EuropeCynara Scolymus commonly known as globe artichoke produces edible large sized globes.It thrives in nitrogen rich soil and full sun...
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Botanical Name- Emblica OfficinalisCommon Name - Amla, Indian gooseberrySpecies - P. emblicaEmblica Officinalis commonly known as amla or Indian gooseberry is one of the most valuable trees around with multiple medicinal properties.For International Orders:If you would like to Order the Seeds outsid..
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