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Aegle Marmelos popularly known as stone apple, Bengal quince and bael ( in Hindi ) is native Indian tree, highly regarded as sacred by the Hindus and is extensively used in ayurvedic system of medicine. The fruit can be eaten dried , fresh and smells like a rose. Aegle Marmelos plant is quite stro..
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Annona Squamosa popularly known as sugar apple or custard apple seed. Annona Squamosa fruit is very popular in the areas where it can be grown, the fruits are generally 3 inch wide, shaped like a heart and have outer skin covered with carpels or overlapping scale. The tree can reach a height of up..
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Botanical Name - Diospyros kaki Common Name - Japanese Persimmon , Oriental persimmon , kakiNative - AsiaDiospyros kaki also known as Japanese Persimmon is one of the most widely cultivated plant with almost 90% of it being produced in Japan, China and Korea.Some of its qualities include - a ne..
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Botanical Name - Lonicera caeruleaCommon Name -   honeyberry, haskap berry, blue-berried honeysuckle, or sweetberry honeysuckleNative - Cool Temperate Northern HemisphereLonicera caerulea also known as honeyberry thrives cool temperate regions.The fruit of lonicera caerulea is edible and i..
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Botanical Name - Carica PapayaCommon Name - Melon tree, papayaType - PerennialFamily - CaricaceaeCarica Papaya commonly known as melon tree, papaya  is native to  Mexico and northern South America .It has become naturalized in all tropical and subtropical regions of the world.It is a small..
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Citrus sinensis is undoubtedly the most famous citrus fruit all over the world available in different varieties which ripen all over the year.Hamlin orange is one of the earliest to ripen ( in November ) .Pine-apple and Washington navel ripen from December to February.Valencia orange the last but no..
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Botanical Name - Manilkara ZapotaCommon Name -  Sapodilla , ChikuNative -  Mexico, Central America,  Caribbean IslandsManilkara zapota commonly known as Sapodilla is commonly grown in Asian countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and IndiaThe tree can reach a height of almost 100 feet. It..
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Botanical Name - Mimusops ElengiCommon Name - Spanish Cherry, Medlar, Bullet WoodNative - Asia and AustraliaMimusops Elengi commonly known as Spanish cherry is a tree native to parts of Asia and Australia.Mimusops Elengi is a very important and popular tree.It gives thick shade, fragrant flowers, ed..
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Botanical Name - Musa Sikkimensis Common Name - Darjeeling banana Native - Bhutan , India Musa Sikkimensis commonly known as Darjeeling banana is one of the highest altitude species of bananas. Musa Sikkimensis can reach a height of around 4 meters. The plants flowering and fruiting takes place..
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Botanical Name - Pterocarpus MarupiumCommon Name - Indian Kino tree , malabar kino , benga , piasai , venkaiType - Deciduous treeFamily - FabaceaePterocarpus marsupium commonly known as Indian kino tree is native to Sri Lanka, Nepan and India.It is a deciduous tree which can grow up to 98 feet. In I..
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