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Bamboo Seeds

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Botanical Name - Bambusa ArundinaceaFamily - PoacaeaeType - Greenhouse Perennial Height - 15 to 40 metersCommon Name - Spiny bamboo, Thorny bamboo, Tziu chu, Kalak, Bans SeedsBambusa Arundinacea commonly known as spiny bamboo or bans is one of the largest varieties of grass in the world.It has ..
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Botanical Name - Eucalyptus GunniiCommon Name -   Cider Gum , gunni , silver dollarNative - Endemic to TasmaniaEucalyptus Gunnii commonly knownas cider gum is known for its extreme hardiness towards cold temperatures.The tree can reach a height of around 120 feet and can grow around 7 feet..
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Botanical Name - Ravenala Madagascariensis Common Name -  Traveler's Palm Seeds , Traveler's treeNative -  MadagascarRavenala Madagascariensis  is an interesting looking plant. In some parts it looks like a palm tree and in some other parts it looks like a banana tree.It is itsel..
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Botanical Name -  Fargesia YunnanensisCommon Name -  Hardy clumping bambooType - BambooNative - Montane forests between 1700 and 2500 mFargesia yunnanensis commonly known as hardy clumbing bamboo can attain a height of up to 3 to 7 meters.Its leaves have a beautiful green colored appearanc..
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Botanical Name - Jacaratia spinosa Common Name -  Jacaratia Native - South And Central America Jacaratia spinosa is a fast growing tree which is also used as an ornamental. Its appearance is quite similar to a papaya tree and it can attain a height of up to 15 feet. For International Order..
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