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Botanical Name: Musa acuminata, commonly known as the Wild Banana or Edible Banana, is a species of banana native to Southeast Asia and Australia.

Edible Fruit: Musa acuminata is highly valued for its fruit, which is one of the primary ancestors of the modern cultivated banana (Musa × paradisiaca). The fruit is typically small, sweet, and edible, with a distinctive banana flavor.

Seed Propagation: Musa acuminata can be propagated from its seeds, although this is less common than vegetative propagation methods like suckers or rhizome division. Seeds can be extracted from the fruit and sown in suitable conditions for germination.

Diversity: Musa acuminata is a diverse species, and it serves as the genetic basis for a wide range of cultivated banana varieties. Different cultivars have been developed through selective breeding for specific characteristics such as size, taste, and disease resistance.

Cultivation: Musa acuminata requires a tropical or subtropical climate with warm temperatures and high humidity for optimal growth. It is a significant crop in many countries, particularly in regions where it is grown for its edible fruit.

Musa Acuminata, Edible Banana - 25 Seeds

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