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Seeds L category contains all seeds with their names starting from L like Lawsonia inermis , lycium chinense etc

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Botanical Name - Lantana CamaraCommon Name -  Big sage , wild-sage, red-sage, white-sage ,tickberryNative -  American tropicsLantana camara commonly known as big sage, wild sage is a plant native to tropical parts of America.It is used as ornamenta plant and can reach a maximum height of a..
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Botanical Name - Lampranthus AureusCommon Name -  Golden Ice Plant , Orange Ice PlantNative -  South AfricaLampranthus Aureus commonly known as golden ice plant is native to South Africa.It is popularly used as an ornamental plant and produces beautiful bright orange flowers.For Internatio..
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Botanical Name - Lawsonia Inermis Common Name - Hina, Henna tree Native -  Africa, Australia , Asia Lawsonia inermis commonly know as henna in India is a tall shrub with a maximum height of 25 feet. It is used to dye skin, hair and fingernails as well fabrics including silk. For Internatio..
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Botanical Name - Leonotis LeonurusCommon Name - Lion's tailNative -  South Africa and parts of Southern AfricaLeonotis Leonurus commonly known as Lion's tail is a plant native to Africa.The plant has extensive medicinal values in traditional medicine. It can attain a maximum height of around 6 ..
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Botanical Name - Lepidium Sativum Common Name - Garden cress Native -  Grown commercially in European countries Lepidium sativum is a very popular plant commonly known as garden cress. Raw cress is rich in Vitams A, C and K and has other high nutrient value as well. For International Order..
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Lycium Chinense Seeds  , Goji Berry - 50 Seeds ,  Shipping All Over India
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Botanical Name - Lycium ChinenseCommon Name -  Goji berry, Wolf Berry , Chinese boxthorn, Chinese matrimony-vine, Chinese teaplant, Chinese wolfberryNative -  ChinaLycium Chinense most commonly known as goji berry is a plant native to China.It is most popularly know to make herbal green te..
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