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Model: MLOC
Botanical Name - Musella lasiocarpa  Common Name - Ornamental banana , Chinese dwarf banana Native -  China Musella lasiocarpa commonly known as Ornamental banana is a herbaceous perennial reaching a maximum height of three to five feet. Its blooms from June to September and is suitabl..
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Model: MCSI
Botanical Name - Magnolia champaca Common Name - Champa , tita sopa, champak Native - South America , North America Magnolia champaca commonly known as champa is a very popular tree native to the Himalayas. It is famous for its fragrant flowers and can reach a height of up to 50 meters. For Int..
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Model: MZSI4
Botanical Name - Manilkara ZapotaCommon Name -  Sapodilla , ChikuNative -  Mexico, Central America,  Caribbean IslandsManilkara zapota commonly known as Sapodilla is commonly grown in Asian countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and IndiaThe tree can reach a height of almost 100 feet. It..
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Model: MFSI3
Botanical Name - Mesua FerreaCommon Name -  Sri Lankan ironwood, Indian rose chestnut, cobra's saffronNative -  Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Indochina, Philippines, Malaysia, SumatraMesua Ferrea is a very popular ornamental tree due to its beautiful shape, pink to red young le..
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Model: MGSFS2
Botanical Name - Metasequoia Glyptostroboides Common Name - Dawn Redwood Native - China Metasequoia Glyptostroboides comonly known as dawn redwood is a tree native to Lichuan county in the Hubei province of China It is an endangered species of Metasequoia, the tree can reach a height of up to 5..
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Botanical Name - Mimosa PudicaCommon Name - Sensitive plant, sleepy plant, action plantNative - South America , North AmericaMimosa Pudica commonly known as sensitive plant is native to South And North AmericaIt is famous for its leaflets which close themselves up when touched hence also known as to..
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Model: MRSFS44
Botanical Name - Mimosa Regnellii Common Name - JuquiriMimosa Regnellii commonly known as mimosa regnelli is a very hard and rare to find plant.For International Orders:If you would like to Order the Seeds outside of India, Please mail us your requirement to Once we ..
Ex Tax:Rs.249
Model: MESFS0
Botanical Name - Mimusops ElengiCommon Name - Spanish Cherry, Medlar, Bullet WoodNative - Asia and AustraliaMimusops Elengi commonly known as Spanish cherry is a tree native to parts of Asia and Australia.Mimusops Elengi is a very important and popular tree.It gives thick shade, fragrant flowers, ed..
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Model: MDSFS5
Botanical Name - Moringa DrouhardiiCommon Name - Bottle treeNative - MadagascarMoringa drouhardii commonly known as bottle tree is native to Madagascar.Its seeds are rich in edible oil and leaves can be eaten as a green vegetable.For International Orders:If you would like to Order the Seeds outside ..
Ex Tax:Rs.595
Model: MHSFS9
Botanical Name - Moringa HildebrandtiiNative - MadagascarHabitat - Extinct in the wildMoringa hildebrandti is a tree native to Madagascar, has been declared extinct in the wild.It is a very good ornamental due to its scented flowers, large leaves and has a very good growth rate.For International Ord..
Ex Tax:Rs.575
Model: MOSFS1
Botanical Name - Moringa OleiferaCommon Name - drum stick , horse radish treeNative - IndiaFlowering Season - All year Moringa oleifera commonly known as horse radish tree is one of the most nutritious and well known tropical trees.Drum stick tree can reach a height of up to 10 meters.Birds and..
Ex Tax:Rs.149
Model: MPSFS87
Botanical Name - Mucuna PruriensCommon Name -  Velvet Bean, Cowage, Mauritius velvet bean, Yokohama velvet bean, cowage, cowitch, lacuna bean, and Lyon beanNative - Tropical Asia and AfricaMucuna Pruriens commonly known by many names like velvet bean and cowage is a tropical legume and used ver..
Ex Tax:Rs.199
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