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Model: MESFS9
Botanical Name - Murraya exotica Common Name - Orange Jasmine, Chinese Box Native - India Murraya exotica commonly known as orange jasmine is an evergreen shrub with glossy, aromatic foliage and is native to India. Murraya exotica plant prefers sun to partial shade and general fertilizers are ap..
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Model: MESFS
Botanical Name - Musa Ensete Common Name - Ensete ventricosum , Abyssinian banana, False banana Native - Africa Musa Ensete commonly known as false banana is a large non woody plant native to the African continent. Musa ensete plant takes around four to five years to mature after which a single ..
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Model: MSSFS
Botanical Name - Musa Sikkimensis Common Name - Darjeeling banana Native - Bhutan , India Musa Sikkimensis commonly known as Darjeeling banana is one of the highest altitude species of bananas. Musa Sikkimensis can reach a height of around 4 meters. The plants flowering and fruiting takes place..
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Model: MVPB
Botanical Name - Musa velutina Common Name - Pink banana , Hairy banana Native - India  Musa velutina commonly known as pink banana is a herbaceous perennial reaching a maximum height of one to three meters It is a very fast growing plant and flowers and fruits in its first year itself. A ..
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