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Seeds starting from P like peganum harmala , pterocarpus and others.

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Botanical Name - Pistacia vera Common Name - Pistachio, Pistachio Nut Native - Syria , Iran , Pakistan, Greece, Turkey Pistacia vera commonly known as pistachio is a small tree native to Greece, Turkey, Pakistan, Syria and Iran. The tree of Pistacia vera produces a very popular and important cul..
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Botanical Name - Pterocarpus Santalinus Common Name - Red sandalwood , red sanders , saunderswood Native - South India Pterocarpus santalinus commonly known as red sandalwood is a small sized tree with a maximum height of around 26 feet. Red sandalwood tree grows very fast in its formative years..
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Buy Red Colored Peonies For Sale In India , Shipping  All Over India
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Botanical Name - PaeoniaCommon Name - PeonyFamily - PaeoniaceaeNative - Asia , Europe , Western North AmericaColor Available - RedPaeonia commonly known as peony is native to Asia , Europe , Western North America and is one of the most popular garden plants around the world.The color of plant availa..
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