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Botanical Name -  Bauhinia Purpurea 

Common Names - Purple Orchid Tree  , butterfly tree , purple bauhinia 

Native Place - India

Type - Tree , Perennial 

Bauhinia Purpurea commonly known as purple orchid tree is native to India and is an exotic tropical tree loved by plant enthusiasts.

The beautiful full of fragrance flowers of bauhinia purpurea appear in the month of September to November. They are narrow purple to pink in color and closely resemble an orchid.

There are some trees of bauhinia where only white flowers with a little streak of purple appear

To make out a difference between bauhinia variegata and bauhinia purpurea one can have a look at the petals with the former's petals being broad and overlapping.

The tree can attain an impressive height of up to 20 feet with a beautiful 25 feet crown.

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