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chizolobium parahybum, also known as the Brazilian Fern Tree, is a large tree species that is native to South America, particularly to Brazil. It is a fast-growing species that can reach up to 30 meters in height and up to 80 centimeters in diameter.

The Brazilian Fern Tree is a deciduous species, meaning it sheds its leaves seasonally. Its leaves are pinnately compound, with many leaflets attached to a central axis. The tree produces small, fragrant flowers that are yellow or white in color, and its fruit is a long, narrow pod that contains several seeds.

Schizolobium parahybum is an important timber species, valued for its durable and attractive wood. The wood is used in a variety of applications, including furniture, construction, and flooring. It is also used for decorative purposes, such as in carvings and veneers.

Schizolobium Parahybum ( Brazilian Fire Tree ) - 5 Seeds Pack

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