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Bauhinia yunnanensis, commonly known as Yunnan Bauhinia or Yunnan Orchid Tree, is a flowering plant species belonging to the Fabaceae family. It is native to the Yunnan province in southwestern China. This plant is known for its beautiful and fragrant flowers, making it a popular choice in ornamental gardening.

Here are some key characteristics of Bauhinia yunnanensis:

  • Flowers: The most distinctive feature of this plant is its large, showy flowers. They typically have five petals that are often pink or purplish-pink in color, with a central darker coloration. The flowers are fragrant and can be quite eye-catching when in full bloom.

  • Leaves: The leaves of Bauhinia yunnanensis are unique in that they are bilobed or divided into two lobes, resembling the shape of a butterfly. Each leaf looks like a pair of rounded lobes or hearts, and this characteristic is typical of many species within the Bauhinia genus.

  • Habitat: As mentioned, this plant is native to the Yunnan province in China. It is often found in forests, thickets, and along streams or riverbanks in its native habitat. In cultivation, it can thrive in various well-drained soil types and climates, but it generally prefers a subtropical to tropical environment.

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