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Calotropis gigantea, commonly known as giant milkweed or crown flower, is a species of flowering plant that can be summarized in the following five bullet points:

  • Appearance: Calotropis gigantea is a perennial shrub or small tree that can reach heights of up to 4 meters. It has large, elliptical leaves and produces distinctive clusters of waxy, star-shaped flowers.

  • Flowers: The flowers of Calotropis gigantea are typically purplish-blue or white and are known for their unique appearance. They have five pointed petals and a central crown-like structure, giving rise to the common name "crown flower."

  • Toxicity: This plant is highly toxic and contains cardiac glycosides, which can be harmful to humans and animals if ingested. It is often used in traditional medicine, but extreme caution should be exercised when handling or using it.

  • Habitat: Calotropis gigantea is native to a wide range of regions, including parts of Asia, Africa, and Australia. It thrives in arid and semi-arid environments, and its latex-rich stems have made it useful for traditional applications such as making ropes and natural fibers.

  • Ecological Role: Despite its toxicity, Calotropis gigantea serves as a host plant for various insect species, including the monarch butterfly.

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